Contemporary Man


Bougie Art Gallery is announcing 3rd call for artists. This time it is for virtual art exhibition ‘Contemporary Man’. This exhibition will be diving deeply into the meaning of the nowadays man, his/her behavior and the struggles he/she is facing. The idea about this exhibition came from the past virtual art exhibitions ‘ Urban Life’ and ‘Body as a Language’ where both of them where questioning contemporary society and different understandings about it (you can see all our previous exhibitions here: . ‘Contemporary Man’ will be looking into the change of the man due to many reasons - living in a highly populated cities, looking for the Golden Grail - something that man wants very much but that is very hard to get or achieve, trying to find his/her place into this contemporary world and creating happiness in the places, where it seems impossible. All these and many more reasons are changing man each day - changing his/her thoughts and the view of life.

‘Contemporary Man’ virtual art exhibition is international competition and welcomes all professional artist from all countries. For this international competition both 2D and 3D artists are welcomed to submit their artworks and photography (3-7 images) about their understanding of contemporary man. Entry fee for this exhibit is $15.00. Artists 18 years old and older may apply. Selected artists will be represented at the ‘Contemporary Man’ virtual art exhibition, will be featured at Bougie Art Gallery online magazine and social media sources. Thank you and good luck!

Entry Fees

A nonrefundable entry fee of $15.00.


Payment is required at the time of entry.

IMAGE LABELING:  Image should be labeled as FirstName_LastName_Title.jpeg.

Please DO NOT FORGET to send your artistic statement along with the images of artworks at

Please fill the submission form after you purchased the entry fee (press button below).

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