Donara Manukian. Autoportretas. 2016.Aliejus drobe.50x40cm..jpg


Donara Manuk is the artist who bravely uses bold colors and wild brushstrokes to create the manipulation of the reality around her. Manuk is the youngest generation artist from Lithuania with hardly countable solo and group exhibits. One of her favorite themes which she is always exploring in her works is human figure, most of the time naked. Manuk is trying to reveal human soul by taking his clothes off.

In her canvases the viewer can see that the dominating character is female. Donara Manuk challenges them to reveal their bodies and their souls - to show the strength and the weaknesses. Manuk is bravely using very rich brushstrokes, mixing colors right on canvases, this way giving the opportunity for the viewer to see the energy of her paintings.