“Unknown”, mixed media(wood and acrylic), 107cm x 22cm $1100.jpg


Evaldas Gulbinas is an artist based in London, UK. Since his young teenager years he started to see himself in art world and at the moment he is creating mixed media artworks. In his works there is a very strong abstract art conception, mixed with contemporary art details such as light sculptures, ideas of minimalism and the relationship between art, craft, and tattooing. What is very interesting in Evaldas Gulbinas art is the invisible but feel-able connection with dance and house music - the neon lights of his artworks is pulsating in dance rhythm this way creating never ending vibration of colours.

“My passion as an artist, is, to communicate the message through various art forms. I enjoy all the new ideas which come from within and love to give them a visual form. I like to create a bodywork with a great aesthetic view. I often express my language through art. I make sculptures, paintings, drawings, digital media, multimedia, mixed media, installations, and tattoos. I have a passion for detailed work and non-figurative objects. I am also interested in anime and cartoon pictures. I often like to break my own boundaries by creating beautiful artwork. I have passions for city life, people and nature; which all replicate through my work. I like working through various media so that I get to explore a whole new world. I enjoy creating tattoos as it helps me to communicate with people, helps to pay attention to details, and improves my drawing skills. All these aspects are important to create an artwork which is not only appealing visually but is also meaningful.” - Evaldas Gulbinas