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Igor Zusev

Igor Zusev creates a magical art collages. Why it is magical? It has the power to show you the past events which has formed Igor to the artist that he is now. Artist talks about immigration problems and its caused pain - Igor was born in Russia and later at his early childhood his family together with him emigrated to the US. All this struggle, the loss of the home, loss of questionable identity and the creation of new life gives the extreme strength to all Igor Zusev artworks - starting from photography and continuing to appear in the rest of his art.

A veteran of the US NAVY, Igor acted as ships official photographer where he was able to record military life as he lived it. His artistic expressions started early in life with a gift of a point and shoot camera at the age of 8. Currently, Igor's work will be displayed at the 2019 Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Blank wall gallery in Greece, Statix in Seattle, and as a represented artists at the Chicago Urban Art Cente Also at the KYO Gallery and Jacoby Arts Center.

“My art, whether photography or painting, aims to establish an emotional connection. Over the years as I mature so does my art and my vision. When I take photographs of subjects I don't only see a person, I see a way to express feeling. I interact with my subjects on a very personal level and work to pull emotions from them utilizing a variety of techniques including laughter. In my Mix Media work— especially my Cro-Magnon series— I am aiming to connect the ancient with the modern. My more recent works are a result of my inner reflections of my emotions, and history.” - Igor Zusev